Theresa Marie Furey

Title: President
Company: Buechler-Furey, Inc.
Location: Springfield, IL United States

Theresa Marie Furey has worn many hats throughout the course of her career. After serving as the director of the Congressional Record Index, she moved to Springfield, IL, where she found that replacing her job wasn’t quite as easy as she expected. Ms. Furey was faced with the fact that getting a job in the Illinois government was based more off of who you know than what you know, so she set her sights on a different career pursuit: becoming a landlord. Through her property management company, she invested in seven pieces of property, which she rented out to various tenants. Very handy, Ms. Furey could fix almost any problem by herself. Through her years in that role, she again encountered an unfortunate truth: tenants will do anything to get out of paying rent. Eventually, Ms. Furey sold everything to focus on her current passion, community work.

Skilled at getting people to volunteer and be excited about her projects, Ms. Furey has excelled in her new role. She is creative and intuitive, and her mind is always going to new projects. Ms. Furey recent mission is helping veterans.

In addition to her other work, Ms. Furey is also the author of two books, and she is working on her third. Her first book, “A Boy from Brooklyn,” tells the story of her father, who was in the Army for 20 years and served in World War II. The book is written in a soldier’s point of view. Ms. Furey’s second book, “Virginia May Furey,” discusses living in a rural Virginian town in 1608. Her third story, which she is currently writing, is about tracing the past of poor immigrants. Ms. Furey is a professional scholarly indexer who does not use artificial intelligence.

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