Marie Thomas Foster

Title: Artistic Director
Company: The Peppermint Players
Location: Newark, NJ United States

As a little girl, Marie Thomas Foster always wanted to be on stage and perform. She made her dream a reality, and has worked on both daytime television and in the theater. Ms. Thomas Foster even appeared on Broadway in New York City. She considers one of her greatest accomplishments to be her acting work on “The Doctors,” however. Eventually, Ms. Thomas Foster decided to turn her focus to working with kids, and began teaching in 1978. She now has more than three decade of experience as the artistic director of The Peppermint Players, a fine arts institute she created. In her role, Ms. Thomas Foster teaches acting, dancing, creative writing, and gives voice lessons. She is inspired by the joy she gets from seeing the end product, nurturing talent, and watching the students succeed.

To prepare for her career, Ms. Thomas Foster earned a bachelor’s degree in theater from Spelman College in Georgia. In recognition for her success, she was honored with the Alumni Achievement Award from Spelman College, the Black Theater Award for Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress, and the Fulfilling the Dream Award, which she won in 2001. Ms. Thomas Foster would like to be remembered as someone who gave what she learned to others. Looking forward, she hopes to get subsidies so she can do more for the workshop. Ms. Thomas Foster would advise the younger generations to be flexible but clear on their goals.

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