Linda Wuelling

Wuelling, Linda 2074922Title: Office Manager
Company: Dennis Fuller & Associates
Location: Venice, FL United States

Upon joining the insurance industry, Linda Wuelling worked her way up the ranks and established herself in the field with a stellar reputation. She spent more than two decades with the Mutual of Omaha, but joined Dennis Fuller & Associates after moving to Florida. As the office manager of the insurance agency, Ms. Wuelling is in charge of payroll, employee services, and outreach in community events. She credits her ability to run the office to wearing many different hats.

Ms. Wuelling felt pressure to prove herself when she first entered her profession, but was able to experience success and longevity in the field due to her drive and determination. She is also a strong communicator, and can relate to a diverse group of people from all walks of life. In 2013, Ms. Wuelling earned the Salesman of the Year Award from Mutual of Omaha, which she considers to be among her greatest accomplishments. She was inspired on her journey by an underwriter, who encouraged her to apply herself. Ms. Wuelling was moved by his support and candor. Looking forward, she hopes to help expand the agency, and would like to be remembered as a friendly, helpful person who made a difference.

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