Sarah Smith Malino, Ph.D.

Malino, Sarah 1788497Title: Professor of History Emerita (Retired)
Company: Guilford College
Location: Greensboro, NC United States

In June of 2013, after more than three decades of experience in the profession, Sarah Malino retired from her position as a professor of history emeritia at Guilford College. She got her start in teaching after living in England for one year and Israel for another. Dr. Malino discovered that her goal was to pursue a graduate degree in U.S. history, and educate students on the need to conceptualize the multiple of U.S. history in order to include the voices of ordinary people. She was fortunate to find a position at Guilford College, a teaching institution that values excellence in the classroom as the primary criterion for evaluation. The institutional expectations of the school and her personal teaching goals made the position the perfect fit.

At the college, Dr. Malino taught courses in 20th century U.S. history, and specialized in race, class, gender and ethnicity in the U.S. She was also knowledgeable on topics such as economics and business history, labor history, women and gender studies, foreign policy, and Native American history. Additionally, Dr. Malino was instrumental in developing Guilford College’s Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies program. To prepare for her career, she earned a Ph.D. in American history from Columbia University in 1982, a Master of Philosophy in history from Columbia University in 1974, and a Bachelor of Arts in philosophy from Wellesley College in 1967.

Dr. Malino attributes her success to a lot of hard work. Teaching is a highly labor-intensive, intellectually and physically demanding labor of love, and she believes that to thrive in that environment, it is important to enjoy interacting with others. The highlight of Dr. Malino’s career was what moved her on a daily basis: her relationships with her students and distinguished colleagues. Through them she learned new perspectives on history, Quakerism, institutional governance by consensus, and working for social change. They shared their lives with her, and she is much richer for their many gifts.

Even in retirement, however, Dr. Malino hasn’t stopped learning. She is currently working on a collaborative project with her mentor and several former and current faculty members, alumnae and students. Their work is focused on the origins, evolution and impact of 40 years of the women, gender and sexuality studies program on the college. To that respect, Dr. Malino and her partners are documenting the program’s strategies, struggles and achievements with minimal budget and staffing, and have surveyed all alumni who either majored or minored in women’s studies. They are planning to apply for grant money to fund the project, and anticipate publishing a book. The college archivist will also create an e-portfolio based on their work.

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