Dianna L. Buehler

Buehler, DiannaTitle: Consultant
Company: Immunotec
Location: Abbotsford, BC, Canada

Upon her retirement from a 30-year career with the Department of Corrections, Dianna Buehler decided to start a home-based business as a consultant with Immunotec. She was first introduced to the health and wellness company after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Ms. Buehler needed to build a strong immune system to improve her quality of life and enjoy her grandchildren, and she found the products necessary with Immunotec. The company’s main product, Immunocal, is a specifically formatted protein derived from whey, and is clinically proven to help users maintain their immune system. In addition to the stated benefits, the products also helped Ms. Buehler’s breathing and lung capacity, which she struggled with because of her battle with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. After experiencing Immunotec’s products firsthand, she knew she had to get involved.

To prepare for her new career, Ms. Buehler attended training classes, conferences and presentations. Learning and keeping up with computers was one of the biggest challenges she faced, but the amount of people she has helped makes it all worth it. One of Ms. Buehler’s goals when joining with the company was to help people pro-actively improve their health and quality of life, and she hopes to be remembered for doing so.

Over the next few years, Ms. Buehler intends to further establish her business so she can eventually pass it on to her daughter. She participates in Connect Now and the Valley Women’s Network, and supports the missions of cancer, breast cancer and diabetes associations. Ms. Buehler is also charitably involved with BC Children’s Hospital and the local food bank. In her spare time, Ms. Buehler enjoys yoga, which she feels has had many benefits on her strength and balance. She is inspired by her desire to stay healthy.

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