Joanne Fern

Fern, Joanne 1396779Title: Owner
Company: J&S Operated Equipment Rentals
Location: Palmdale, CA United States

An expert in administration, Joanne Fern has more than two decades of experience as the owner of J&S Operated Equipment Rentals. In her role with the rental excavating, demolition and grading firm, Ms. Fern is responsible for billing, overseeing insurance and human resources, and managing all operations of the company. She attributes her success with the business to her perseverance, hard work, and ability to keep the customers happy.

Ms. Fern became involved in the industry because her husband, a heavy equipment operator, was working with a woman who needed more owners and operators. She told him that she would help so that he could get a contract, and has served in that position ever since.  Looking at her future with the business, Ms. Fern hopes to continue to provide excellent customer service, stay happy and busy, and put people to work. Previously, she worked for a couple of printing companies.

On the path to her career, Ms. Fern earned a high school diploma in 1978 from North Hollywood High School. She is a member of the Council of Better Business Bureaus, Contractor’s Blue Book, and the Air Resource Board. Ms Fern supports Angels Against Hunger, and is involved with a variety of other charities. Additionally, her husband was one of the first responders after the 1994 earthquake in California, so she brought them food. Ms. Fern loves watching NASCAR when she has some spare time.


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