Jo West

Title: Owner
Company: Greenhouse West
Location: Mountain Home, ID United States

Born and raised a farm girl, Jo West has always loved nature. She pursues that passion as the owner of Greenhouse West, a family business that has been in operation for 20 years. The ‘home of the living tomato,’ as her company is called, specializes in a wide variety of pesticide-free tomatoes.

Serving Greenhouse West was her primary position for many years, but after Ms. West’s husband developed health issues, she made the difficult choice of going back to school and becoming a nurse. Despite being computer illiterate and raising seven children, however, she was able to complete a degree. Ms. West has been an operating room nurse since 2011, when she earned an RN certification. She ensures that her patients are well cared for, and get a smile or a hand to hold whenever they need it.

Even though Ms. West has a lot more on her plate now, she still hasn’t lost touch with her roots. Her ultimate goal is to see her second greenhouse completed. Upon its completion, Ms. West’s son will run that operation.

When she isn’t at the greenhouses or in the operating room, Ms. West enjoys horseback riding, reading, and watching movies. She hopes to be remembered as a good wife and mother who was honorable to her children.

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