Ann Lubrano, Ph.D.

Lubrano, Ann 2081198Title: Dean, Director of Education
Company: St. Paul’s School of Nursing
Location: Jersey City, NJ United States

Ann Lubrano is a dynamic change agent with proven excellence in academic administration and transformative leadership with more than 20 years in her field. Her well-rounded background includes administration, teaching and admissions experience in colleges and universities dedicated to shared governance and transparency. Through her work, Dr. Lubrano has acquired a deep understanding of senior-level administration as a director of highly-regarded departments and programs. She is a strong proponent of innovation, interdisciplinary learning, diversity, and inclusion with a commitment to making higher education more accessible to underserved populations. Dr. Lubrano specializes in organization building, executive coaching, strategic planning and faculty development, and has managed staffs of more than 150 people. She currently serves as the dean and director of education at St. Paul’s School of Nursing.

One of the challenges Dr. Lubrano had to overcome was what she calls “old boys club” syndrome, or gender-related biases. She was able to rise above that challenge, however, and believes that networking and hard work has contributed to her success. Dr. Lubrano would advise the younger generation of women entering the workforce to be supportive of each other and less competitive. She believes that they should tailor their careers by utilizing personal skill sets, like leadership and strategy.

In 1995, Dr. Lubrano furthered her career by earned a Ph.D. in sociology from The Graduate Center at the City University of New York. She is also affiliated with the American Association of University Women.

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