Betty Anderson

AndersonTitle: Artist

Company: Betty Anderson Art

Location: Oaklands Park, SA, Australia

Betty Anderson has always been a creative person, but it wasn’t the untimely passing of her son at 24 hours old that she started painting. Although she originally turned to the medium as a way to cope, painting allowed her career to evolve naturally, bringing upon surprising success. Ms. Anderson considers receiving accolades for her work without actually seeking them out to be the highlight of her career. She specializes in portraiture, still-life, flora and fauna, and the occasional landscape. Her work has won numerous prizes, including the Salon des Refusés, Australia’s most notable portrait prize.

Ms. Anderson is a member of the Australia Guild of Realist Artists, the Adelaide Art Society, Artists Voice, and the Red House Group. She is also a fellow of the Royal South Australian Society of Art. Ms. Anderson attributes her success to doing the best she can and providing quality work. The most gratifying aspect of her career is when people like her artistic depictions, and the fact that her work hangs in homes throughout Australia.

Prior to her painting career, Ms. Anderson started out working in a bank. She also spent time in various areas of public service. After Cyclone Tracy hit in 1974, Ms. Anderson turned to sculpting in stone. Eventually, she moved to Adelaide, Australia, where she studied to become an accountant. Ms. Anderson worked in that profession until her retirement.

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