Andrea Dee Lawrence

LawrenceTitle: Corporate Associate

Company: Shearman & Sterling LLP

Location: Calabasa, CA

Growing up in a family of successful businesspeople, Andrea Dee Lawrence had quite a bit of early exposure to the industry. She learned to understand business by spending time with her parents; her mother is at the top of the legal field. Eventually, Ms. Lawrence decided to combine her passion for business with her love for the legal profession. To accomplish that, she earned a dual JD and MBA from Cornell University, which she considers to be one of her greatest accomplishments.

Leveraging her business and legal skills has proved useful in Ms. Lawrence’s career. She is currently serving as a corporate assistant at Shearman & Sterling LLP, a law practice she interned at for while in college. Her professional goal is to continue the growth of the practice. Ms. Lawrence would like to be identified as the “rainmaker woman,” or the person who brings clients, money or respect to the organization. She would advise other women to be who they are and know their own value. Ms. Lawrence hopes to be remembered as a kind person who has made a meaningful impact on the field of law. Prior to her current position, she worked as a senior associate at BR Venture Fund.

When Ms. Lawrence isn’t working, she enjoys traveling and reading. She is a member of the American Bar Association the New York Women’s Bar Association, the National Association of Women Lawyers, and the National Association of Professional Women.

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