Ann R. Matthews

MatthewsTitle: Speech-Language Pathologist (Retired)

Company: Plano Independent School District

Location: Plano, TX

Ann R. Matthews has spent her life working on her gift of creativity, which she uses to think outside the box to help and heal people. Some of her current goals include getting her stories published and having her cakes baked and into the hands of the public, so that the proceeds can charitably benefit others. Each one of Ms. Matthews’ southern-style pound cakes is full of meaning — she likes to give them away to loved ones and community members at appropriate times of need. When she does this, she also presents the recipients with a smaller cake, so that they can share it with their loved ones.

As a speech-language pathologist with the Plano Independent School District, Ms. Matthews specialized in working with all levels of intervention for autism, language, articulation, and selective mutism. She is adamant about the fact that people with disabilities are not defined by their disabilities. In the eyes of Ms. Matthews, there is no such thing as an autistic child; there are only children with autism. She believes that the difference has to be understood to help families and children.

On the path to follow her passion, Ms. Matthews earned a master’s degree and an undergraduate degree. She prides herself on being open to new ideas, as well as learning how to best use her gifts to help others. Ms. Matthews is inspired by her faith and the miracles she experienced while on a spiritual journey to India.

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