Shirley Raby

015c35ef3a5f4803a1928a1575457d7aTitle: 1) Director of the Bilingual and English as a Second Language Program (Retired) 2) Adjunct Professor

Company: 1) Pontiac School District 2) Wayne State University

Location: West Bloomfield Township, MI

Inspired by her mother, Dr. S. Barbara Raby entered the education field, and is now a seasoned professional with 36 years of experience. Although she is retired from her position as the director of the bilingual and English as a Second Language program at Pontiac School District, she still serves as an adjunct professor at Wayne State University. In her first position, Dr. Raby acted as a liaison for the school district to the diverse ethnic communities of Pontiac, Mich., monitored state and federal grants for compliance issues, and implemented accepted practices. Currently, as an adjunct professor, she teaches higher education sources in linguistics to English speakers of other languages, and mentors doctoral dissertations.

As a testament to her success, Dr. Raby was honored with the Non-Hispanic, Hispanic Educator of the Year Award by the Commission of Spanish Speaking Affairs in 1997. She attributes her illustrious career to her drive to continue learning. Dr. Raby earned an Ed.D. from Wayne State University in 1990, and a dual master’s degree in Spanish language and literature, philosophy, and bilingual special education from Wayne State University. Additionally, she completed a bachelor’s degree in liberal arts from Wayne State University, and numerous certifications, some of which include certification as a secondary administrator from the Michigan Department of Education, certification in secondary Spanish, and certification in bilingual education for kindergarten through 12th grade.

When Dr. Raby isn’t teaching, she is acting as either the chair of the operations committee for the Oakland Integrated Healthcare Network, the regional director for the Michigan Association for Bilingual Education, or as a committee member for the English Language Proficiency Assessment Program. She is also affiliated with a number of other organizations, including the English Language Learners Program, ASCD, and the National Association for Bilingual Education.

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