Robin (Chacón) Dufresne

AAEAAQAAAAAAAASEAAAAJDI0M2VjY2Q0LTlhNDItNDQzYi04NTdjLTAwNmQxOGZmNzZhOATitle: Vice President of Healthcare and Human Services Practice Director

Company: CSG Government Solutions

Location: Haines City, Fla.

Half way through her current career time-line, Robin (Chacón) Dufresne made a transition from financial services to health care, where she began as Medicaid operations director for the State of Maine’s Department of Health and Human Services. The state had implemented a Medicaid system that failed, and she came in to lead that system recovery and replacement effort as well as Organizational Change Management transformation of the Medicaid Office. Upon successfully implementing the new Medicaid program, Ms. Dufresne transitioned to private consulting to help other state government agents with similar projects.

Currently, Ms. Dufresne’s professional goal is to continue to assist state and federal government to reduce health care cost, improve service delivery and better quality of care at lower cost through the advancement of technology. She is inspired by strong women in the health industry, who are shaping federal health policy, re-defining health services delivery and quality standards, and improving the health outcomes of underserved populations. Since beginning her career, Ms. Dufresne’s greatest accomplishment is being elected as the 2014 board chairperson for the Private Sector Technology Group and building collaborative relationships with the federal Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and state Medicaid Agencies to advance and influence the evolution and adoption of technology in the public sector.

Ms. Dufresne feels that having leadership skills and building relationships with her clients to reach their goals has contributed to her success. She possesses problem solving skills that she tailors to the needs and benefits of her clients. However, her greatest strength is navigating and influencing government health policy and building client relationships. The advice Ms. Dufresne can give to the younger generation of women entering the workforce is to find a mentor that offers leadership and guidance.

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