Carol Smit

14eba500ab6742c69a29dc25ce984a46Title: Founder

Company: Ian Parker Bipolar Research Fund

Location: Colac, VIC

Initially, Carol Smit became involved in her profession after tragically losing her younger brother to suicide after he lived with severe episodes of bipolar disorder for 25 years. She has passionately determined to turn this tragic negative event into a rewarding and positive event and did not want to see any other families suffer as her family did. Ms. Smit also hopes to reduce the stigma of mental health issues through the support of community awareness, education and communication. She attributes her success to being raised in a wonderful family by two loving parents. Although both her father and brother suffered from mental health issues, they had a tight bond and were a supportive family.

Ms. Smit is a talented artist. Her art has sold from exhibitions, hotel walls and private commissions. She has designed limited edition calendars and a book of historical homes and buildings, gift cards, fridge magnets and place mats! The highlight of her career was when she became the inaugural founder of the Bipolar Research Fund for Australia and was offered a funding partnership by Australian Rotary Health. In five years, Ms. Smit hopes to raise adequate funds to offer many scholarships for bipolar research.

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