Andrea McClemmy

207be05Title: Supervising Financial Reporter

Company: AAA Mid-Atlantic

Location: Woolwich, N.J.

Having chosen this career because, as a young girl, Andrea McClemmy volunteered in the hospital as a candy striper and moved into the finance office. She enjoyed learning and so finance became a very natural progression for her into her current role as supervising financial reporter at AAA Mid-Atlantic. For 18 years, Ms. McClemmy draws upon her strength in planning, focusing on the big picture in order to put together effective and positive teams to determine a successful outcome.

The biggest challenge that Ms. McClemmy faced was the company merging as of January 1, 2016, ensuring that the software, the financial components, human resources are implemented on a timely manner. The advice she can share with the younger generation of women entering the workforce, “Don’t let stereotypes interfere with reaching their goals. Instead of going up the ladder, make lateral moves like building blocks. Whatever you learn, take with you.” Ms. McClemmy’s greatest accomplishment to date is my daughter Laura and being able to balance life and work.

Ms. McClemmy prepared for this career by earning a Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in accounting from Temple University. As a woman in today’s world, she feels her passion for people and her strong work ethic has contributed to her success.  She had people in her corner to encourage and believed in her.  She feels that teamwork has also contributed to her success because like a car, if one part is not working, it does not go anywhere.  The car moves forward, Ms. McClemmy’s team moves together and forward.

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