Amy McBride

24d8c3a0417f4440ac978d429251bb2fTitle: Assistant Professor

Company: University of Evansville

Location: Evansville, Ind.

Attributing her success to her dedication and to being respected by other professors, Dr. Amy McBridge continues in her 32nd year of curriculum and instruction. Initially, she became involved in her profession because of her love for education and her desire to make a difference. Now, she serves in her 19th year as assistant professor at the University of Evansville, managing junior internships for elementary education majors and teaching cultural components and four to six classes each semester. In five years, Dr. McBride intends to become an associate professor.

In 2006, Dr. McBride received a Ph.D. in curriculum and instruction from Indiana State University. She has previously obtained a master’s degree in teaching, and a Bachelor of Arts in elementary education and secondary education English. Since beginning her career, Dr. McBridge has earned the Outstanding Teacher Award, Deans Teaching Award, Outstanding Educator Award, and Exemplary Teacher Award. She is also a qualified administrator through Inner Cultural Development Inventory.

Dr. McBride is also a former academic advisor for the women’s basketball team. She has done public speaking on the following topics like education and multi-cultural diversity. She has had articles published. Dr. McBride is currently researching mathematics education while on sabbatical.

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