Ruth Anne Caukwell

f372fcb9d05a4745ae66759448442cc3Title: Teacher, Author, Inspirational Writer, Blogger, Proofreader, Editor

Company: RuAnCa

Location: Redwood, Christchurch

Ms. Caukwell’s 20-year career in Australia saw her progress from the ranks to managerial and beyond. Her dedication, ethical and honest nature ensured her success within whatever position that she held – whether it was as an operative, team member, manager, coach, trainer or business analyst. Her personality and ability to work with any person and at any level was a key to her success. Returning to New Zealand, Ms. Caukwell decided to change her career, so while waiting to attend the University of Canterbury, she worked within sales. There, with her love of people and hardworking ethic, she easily fit into the sales sphere as an assistant manager.

At the University of Canterbury, Ms. Caukwell achieved a high standard for her Bachelor of Teaching and Learning (ECE) – being within the top 13 percent of college graduates within The University of Canterbury. She was rewarded by her acceptance into the Golden Key International Honor Society in 2013. She has her full teacher’s registration from the Ministry of Education, which was granted in December 2014. Ms. Caukwell taught as an Early Childhood Education Teacher for three years. She went into early childhood due to not only a love of children and teaching, but also to gain an insight into children’s art and literature, and develop knowledge of how children think and see the world around them.

Ms. Caukwell attributes her success to her hard work, honesty and integrity. In saying that, however, she also acknowledges the place that people have had in shaping her life. It is being able to help others, while learning from her own challenges and overcoming adversity, that has strengthened her ability to move forward in life.. Out of personal adversity, Ms. Caukwell chose to be an inspiration to others. She decided to write about her experiences while offering solutions for others to overcome. Ruth’s goal is that her inspirational work will uplift others to be able to handle adversity. Her artist mother taught her to draw, paint and illustrate when she was young, so she has this skill and wishes to utilize this within her writings.

In the coming years, Ms. Caukwell plans to use her work to rise above challenging situations. Her current inspirational publication, ‘Musings of a Blogger – Inspirational Thoughts for Your Life’s Journey’ is available for purchase from Balboa Press, which is a division of Hay House, and also from Amazon (Large paper format and also an e-book).

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