Ann Donnelly

88e68bb797b14ac78157b727bfbb6d8eTitle: Owner

Company: Transmedical Services, Inc.

Location: Miramar, Fla.

Ann Donnelly established Transmedical Services, Inc. in 1986 and has earned a reputation for maintaining the integrity, respect and confidentiality of medical records. Her son is severely handicapped and she dedicates her time to helping other children with special needs. She has been teaching at the Medical Transcription Education Center, Inc., for five years. In the next five years, Ms. Donnelly hopes to expand her services with advanced technologies in the industry.

Attributing her success to her ability to provide clients with quality service, Ms. Donnelly became involved in her profession after gaining experience as a medical secretary at a hospital. Throughout 45 years of medical transcription work, she has become an expert in traditional health care documentation and medical legal work. Ms. Donnelly began her career in 1972 after earning a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, and followed it up with a Master of Science in health service administration.

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