Michelle Przybyla

indexTitle: Owner

Company: Healing Hands Massage, Inc.

Location: Dayton, Ohio

Michelle Przybyla served as a registered nurse since 1977 in the medical-surgical, oncological and detoxification units. Now she serves in her ninth year as owner of Healing Hands Massage, Inc. There, Ms. Przybyla provides residents in and around the Dayton area with expertise in massage therapy.

An expert in operations management, Ms. Przybyla keeps her massage therapy center open through her healing craniosacral therapy, deep tissue, relaxation, and hot stone massages. She prepared for this career by becoming a registered nurse massage therapist and is a certified massage therapist from the Dayton School of Medical Massage. Ms. Przybyla began her professional life upon graduating from Lansing Community College as a nurse.

To keep abreast of changes in her profession, Ms. Przybyla holds a membership with the American Massage Therapy Association.

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