Brittany Phillips

indexTitle: Owner

Company: Brittany D. Phillips Co. LLC

Location: Houston, TX

Celebrating her third year as an entrepreneur, Brittany Phillips continues in her human resources consultancy services through the support of her family and business acumen. She became involved in small business development because she likes to help people and started her business to offer various services to help others reach their goals. Her greatest accomplishment to date was having her book published that she wrote when she was 15-18 years of age. The advice Ms Phillips can give to the younger generation of women entering the workforce is, “Be focused and put themselves first.” 

Ms. Phillips prepared for her career by earning a MBA and BBA, helping her overcome her biggest challenge, which was obtaining the finances to get her business started. Not only is she a people person, but she is an expert at creating world-class teams and helping others build their business, furthering their clientele. Currently, Ms. Phillips is working on her second book, and intends to be remembered for her literature and professional consulting, both helping others read their goals.

To keep abreast of changes in her profession, Ms. Phillips participates in the 1000 Collegiate Women of America thru A&M and Gamma Sigma Sigma.

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