Cathy Wolff

180f63c8be4e4c0aa120f30ca0bf3b10Title: Vice President of Finance, Chief Financial Officer

Company: Yuma District Hospital and Clinics

Location: Yuma, Colo.

Expert in health care accounting, Cathy Wolff continues as vice preside of finance and chief financial officer at Yuma District Hospital and Clinics. Located in rural Colorado, Yuma District Hospital and Clinics is a critical access facility and the clinics are rural health clinics where she is responsible for all of the financial statements, audits and Medicare cost reports. Ms. Wolff has worked in the health care administration industry for 28 years, and received a business administration degree from UNC and has since received a FHFMA certificate.

Ms. Wolff has twins that are in their second year of attending Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado. She is currently working on obtaining an MBA in the next five years and continue to work in the health care industry. Ms. Wolff has earned Follmer Bronze Merit Award, Reeves Silver Merit Award and Muncie Gold Merit Award through Healthcare Financial Management Association.

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