Katja Schwenke

Title: Partner

Company: Visconti

Location: Kiel, Germany

Garnering 20 years in executive coaching and mentorship, Katja Schwenke continues as a partner at the management consultancy, Visconti. There, she coaches leaders by leaders in view of meeting specific management challenges, both in large groups, small and medium-sized enterprises, associations and institutions. Specifically, Ms. Schwenke works with executive leadership in coaching and training from the same level as the individuals are provided services that enable the client to feel that there is a clear understanding of the challenges they want to address.

The highlight of Ms. Schwenke’s career was working with a renewable energy company. Through this experience, she saw opportunity in the United States for wind energy. She became involved in her profession because she wanted the challenge of helping those in high-level management positions. She enjoys working together at eye level, and providing a perspective of having been in similar situations.Although Ms. Schwenke was discouraged by others within the company, she knew it would be successful, and it was.

Ms. Schwenke and the staff have years in CEO and COO capacities, so she is able to teach and help from her experience. She feels that is what separates her and her company. She stands from a personal, business and entrepreneurial place which allows her to have a better understanding for the client. She attributes her success to her education, skill, tenacity and perseverance, in addition to having a true passion and understanding of the human experience, and sustainability. In the coming years, Ms. Schwenke plans to focus on company growth, in addition to seeking new opportunities to collaborate with other like-minded individuals. She would also like to write documentaries and produce documentary films that focus on helping businesses.

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