Kathleen Sidwell

UntitledTitle: Owner, Director

Company: Studio on Slough Road

Location: Brewster, Mass.

As owner and director of Studio on Slough Road, Kathleen Sidewell continues to create events on various levels of artistic presentations with various artists for multi-disciplinary and diversified value to patrons for both private and public showings. There, she carries forward the torch of peaceful coexistence in society through artistic presentations and values as her relatives had established in legacy with special tribute to Maurice Pate, first Executive Director of UNICEF. Ms. Sidewell’s current professional goal is to keep dedicating her work as life progresses with hard work and accomplishment as a dedicated artist while serving as a Board of Trustee to fellow artists.

The greatest accomplishment within Ms. Sidewell’s career has been balancing her professional and family responsibilities with a balanced perspective for successfully while maintaining a harmonious and peaceful life. The thing she’d most like to change in her profession is gaining more recognition of women as honored and respected artists for creative expression with equal value standards. Ms. Sidewell is a noteworthy, accomplished artist with lifelong dedication to creative works with enchanting charm of character and exemplary life value standards, networking and growing through her masterful relationships building skills.

Ms. Sidewell’s success continues through a natural progression of skills and interest since childhood, and collaborating with artists and artisans in all areas of creative works for recognition of unique perspectives, drawing heart and mind perspectives with powerful expressions. She believes in the creative impact of social awareness for transformation thinking.

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