Lyudmila Fishman

2b5c91117eef4f8f8777aa0d534cba5bTitle: Director

Company: Luda Productions Pty Ltd.

Location: Brunswick, Victoria

As director of Luda Productions Pty Ltd., Lyudmila Fishman is considered a pioneer in the footwear industry, selling high-quality boots with her equally-innovative husband under the renowned and prosperous trade name of UGG Australia. Their popular boots, typically made with genuine sheepskin and fleece, have hand-stitched finishing and are often considered the warmest and most comfortable winter necessity throughout the world. Ms. Fishman’s wild commercial success doesn’t breed complacency in production and marketing, however; she and her husband persistently create and implement new designs, different skins and strategic thinking when it comes to marketing their products. Ms. Fishman advises others entering the industry to similarly utilize innovation, keep abreast of new technologies, welcome new ideas and approach work with perseverance.

Ms. Fishman and her husband decided to move from the Ukraine to Sydney in 1979 when they realized how difficult it would be to advance professionally in the Soviet Union. When she approached the Australian workforce with a master’s degree in chemical engineering, she was discouraged from employment due to having small children. Ms. Fishman decided to work with her husband in the promotion of his furrier products, and took their first three pairs of boots to market after saving enough money to buy sheepskins. More than 35 years after they started Ugg Australia, encouraged by the owner of a sheepskin company that ‘small fish can become big fish,’ their business prospers and markets what are widely thought of as the best boots in the world, along with slippers and other accessories. Proud to promote the quality of Australian products, they have a tannery in Melbourne where every product is carefully crafted.

As she continues making strides in the business world, Ms. Fishman keeps her hand on the industrial pulse by staying on top of new production technologies and executing fresh ideas. She ensures company efficiency and wellbeing by treating her employees well, speaking to everyone in a humble and down to earth manner. Her areas of finely-honed industrial expertise include financial management and communications, and she approaches her responsibilities (which include managing operations, ensuring quality, overseeing sales and working with a variety of people) with skill and consideration.

Ms. Fishman attributes her professional success to her quality employees and the vested interest she has in their welfare. Due to her excellence in her industry, she was the winner of the Telstra Women Entrepreneur Award of the Year, Victoria in 2015. Passionate about professional involvement, Ms. Fishman is a member of the CEO Institute and supports organizations such as the Australian Red Cross, the International Association of Workforce Professionals, and local schools and synagogues. Looking ahead, she hopes to help Australian manufacturers succeed and continue to promote the country’s market.


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