Elizabeth Colvin

P19-140x150 (1)Title: Chief Executive Officer

Company: Strategic Benefits Design

Location: Bixby, Okla.

Drawing upon her passion for helping others and her relationship with God, Elizabeth Colvin expertly enhances and develops human resources policies and procedures for her organization through the implementation operationally-effective systems. Celebrating many successful years as chief executive officer for Strategic Benefits Design, she assists in the growth and implementation of current and long-term organizational goals, manages Strategic Benefits Design, analyzes vendor services  and manages payroll. Ms. Colvin also translates tactical business plans into human resources strategic plans, working closely with executives, mangers, human resource administrators as she oversees the strategic accounts division. Highly knowledgeable in a great many areas, she offers technical knowledge and support to others throughout the organization while organizing the human resource information systems database.

As an industry leading benefits design company, Strategic Benefits Design offers non-biased insurance information  and utilizes a reactive approach to help clients discover the best benefits plans for their personal situations. Ms. Colvin’s efforts and persistent work ethic help the company in its mission to provide clientele with top-notch assistance, information and advocacy. She became involved with this company because of her former career in the telecommunications industry, along with her husband’s experience in health insurance. Dedicated to career advancement, Ms. Colvin prepared for her profession by earning certification as a senior professional in human resources from the HR Certification Institute, which she achieved within five months, and obtaining other important insurance and employer licenses. Proving herself professionally as a strong and knowledgeable woman, she considers her greatest strength to be her considerable communication skills.

As she looks ahead, Ms. Colvin’s professional goals involve changing the culture in her organization, re-selling management services, growing the company and strengthening employee and customer relationships. She wants to be remembered for bringing about positive change in the world on a personal and professional level, and hopes that all who know her see God in her. Compassionate in nature, Ms. Colvin supports the Meals on Wheels Association of America, the Oklahoma Food Bank, the Make a Wish Organization of America and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Along with her certification as a senior professional, she has received numerous other honors and awards due to her excellence in her industry.

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