Denise Moser

shieldTitle: Assistant Budget Director

Company:  Princeton University

Location: Hopewell, N.J.

Denise Moser celebrates 10 years as assistant budget director for Princeton University, having spent 15 years as facilities budget manager for the same before advancing to this position. Determined to succeed in her career, she studied at Thomas Edison State College from 200 to 2005. Skilled with Microsoft Office and Excel, Ms. Moser is familiar with financial analysis and project planning. She has also developed and honed abilities in analysis, research, budgets, access, leadership and management throughout her professional work.

Princeton University is a renowned higher education facility and the fourth-oldest college in the United States. As part of the budget office for this facility, Ms. Moser assists the school’s administrators in monitoring income and expense changes, helps maintain various department databases, budgets and reallocates budget appropriations, and calculates employee benefits, along with other responsibilities. A detail-oriented manager, Ms. Moser continually impresses her clients with her effectiveness and strong work ethic.

Enthusiastic about maintaining professional connections, Ms. Moser belongs to the Hopewell Township Zoning Board and the Hopewell Valley Deer Management Advisory Committee. She also belongs to the Hopewell Valley Green Team and the New Jersey Animal Control Officers Association.

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