Loleatha Powell

tf0037262294eTitle: Director of Nursing

Company: Golden Living

Location: Chapel Hill, N.C.

As the director of Nursing for Golden Living, Loleatha Powell continues to bring compassion and reliability to the field of health care. She initially wanted to go into the field of law enforcement, but changed  her mind after a career coach saw her desire to help people and advised her to go into nursing. Currently a registered nurse, Ms. Powell started out in her field as a certified nursing assistant and  was encouraged by her director to pursue nursing leadership.  A people pleaser who is adept at taking the lead and assessing situations, she brings to her profession genuine caring for both her patients and her staff, and has admirable attention for detail in all that she does. As she moves forward, Ms. Powell hopes to grow her career as a registered nurse and continue to build positive relationships with patients and other health care professionals.  

In 2009, Ms. Powell earned a Bachelor of Applied Science in nursing science from Fayetteville State University. She went on to serve in such roles as registered nurse supervisor at Highland House Nursing and Rehabilitation, director of nursing at Cumberland Nursing and Rehabilitation and director of nursing at Highland House Nursing and Rehabilitation, a position that she still holds today. In this role, she is responsible for overseeing and motivating staff, developing facility policies, directing staff meetings and other managerial duties. Though exceptionally accomplished through her professional endeavors, Ms. Powell considers her greatest accomplishment to be raising her children as a single mother while she was in school.

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