Diedra Ware-Padgett


Company: PricewaterhouseCoopers

Location: Temple Hills

Inspired to try something new and explore the depth of information technology within the financial services industry, Diedra Ware-Padgett brings considerable leadership skill to her role as financial services veterans rotational program analyst for PricewaterhouseCoopers. A former Navy officer, Ms. Ware-Padgett prepared for her career by successfully completing several degrees and certifications during her 30 years with the U.S. Navy. She is enthusiastic about sharing her knowledge as well as gaining knowledge from younger professionals, and her strengths lie in leadership, decision-making, training, and mentoring.

As she progresses in her career, Ms. Ware-Padgett is inspired by the knowledge that she can continue to develop and apply new skills into a new role, as well as the knowledge that she didn’t get pigeonholed in her occupation. It is her goal to explore more risk scenarios on the cyberspace side of the financial service industry at the company, and she will have the opportunity for a rotation within the next few months. Having faced the challenge of going above and beyond expectations in order to prove the value of her skills as a woman of color, Ms. Ware-Padgett feels that her greatest accomplishments include the work she has achieved as a woman with dignity and respect, and taking care of her unwell parents.

Ms. Ware-Padgett’s previous roles within the Navy include information assurance manager, director of information technology operations and systems engineering and chief warrant officer. She currently belongs to the National Montford Point Marine Association, Inc., as well as the Washington D.C. chapter of the National Naval Officers Association. Due to her occupational excellence, Ms. Ware-Padgett has been the recipient of an award from the National Association of Professional Women, and she mentors with Wounded Warriors. She also supports Women’s STEM, National Naval Officers Association, and several other veteran programs.  In her free time, Ms. Ware-Padgett enjoys traveling, writing poetry and singing at military events.

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