Ruth Glass

516Title: Head of School

Company: Lake Tahoe School

Location:  Incline Village, Nev.

Celebrating 44 years of experience in education, Ruth Glass, current head of Lake Tahoe School, continues to bring skill in educational administration, student care, early childhood education, teaching and staff development to the field of academic administration. As she oversees fundraising, curriculum, community outreach and business management, she maintains her goal to help the school reach its highest potential. Ms. Glass chose this profession because her father was an educator, and she is proud to prove through her achievements that women can do whatever they want to do professionally. 

In preparation for this career, Ms. Glass earned a master’s degree in curriculum design structure, as well as degrees in elementary education and early childhood education. Utilizing her skills and determination, she has overcome challenges such as balancing career and family life and working through the stereotype that men are better suited for administrative roles than women. Ms. Glass plans to get the school to a sustainable level and eventually retire in the community, and she would like to see more women and people of color as heads of administration as she looks to the future. She feels inspired by the ever-changing students and faculty in her professional endeavors, and she continues to remain active in the classroom setting, even as she works as an administrator.

Ms. Glass hopes to be remembered for building something honorable, leaving behind a legacy of honesty, integrity and respect. She firmly believes that faculty should learn from students as much as students learn from them, and encourages her staff to get to know students and explore pedagogy in order to develop the most proficient learning environment possible. Due to her humanitarian interests, Ms. Glass supports the charitable work of Rotary International. In her free time, she enjoys reading, sports, skiing and traveling. Family-oriented, Ms. Glass has been married for 47 years and has two adult daughters.

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