Rita Herperger

e51b03bcf23c49e1a0d394546e4a0b3fTitle: Therapist, Owner

Company: Orenda Healing Professional Counselling & Wellness

Location: Stockholm, SK

Initially, Rita Herperger became involved in her profession after working as a professional educator, social worker and school counselor. Now, in her second year as a therapist, she finds her skills transfer over well, providing mental health focused on inspiration, peace, healing, growth in love of self, taking team-based approaches to community initiatives, and working hard to identify and address the needs and areas in which local communities are most lacking. As owner of Orenda Healing Professional Counselling & Wellness, Ms. Herperger has also learned to become well versed in the responsibility of enterpreneurship and business administration.

An expert in mental health counseling, Ms. Herperger takes what she learned while obtaining a bachelor’s degree in social work from the University of Regina in 2003, and expands her passion while helping others find theirs. Throughout her work-week, she helps others address personal, family, professional and community needs by providing counselling services, as well as developing and facilitating workshops, support groups, and other health and wellness opportunities for all. In five years, Ms. Herperger aims to experience continued growth and success in her career.

Ms. Herperger’s best advice to young professionals is to believe in themselves, be strong, while loving and honoring their beings, remain powerful as a woman, and never carry negative beliefs about themselves. Since 2004, she has been a social worker and school counselor with Good Spirit School Division, and during her free-time, she supports SK Mental Health. Ms. Herperger also attributes her success to her husband, who’s the strongest advocate of her work, and is compassionate, empathetic and genuine in his love to her.

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