Michele Sanders

436d423bb6914987b9dc1748fb9f6363Title: Owner

Company: Total Health Systems

Location: Columbus, OH

Celebrating 17 years as owner of Total Health Systems, Michele Sanders provides the health and wellness company’s customers with herbal supplements, including formulas, teas, spices, vitamins and minerals. An expert in cancer patients and custom tea blends, she oversees all the daily operations of the business, including marketing, billing, website maintenance, customer services, packaging and research. In five years, Ms. Sanders intends to attain a Ph.D. in holistic nutrition.

Initially, Ms. Sanders became involved in her profession through her desire to help people balance complimentary health with prescriptions. Since then, she believes her success stems from her hard work and determinations, as well as her education. Ms. Sanders received an associate degree in computer programming from Technology Education College, and earned certificates in family and clinical herbology. In 2006, she also earned the Ring of Quality Award from Ohio Health.

Ms. Sanders also works as a technical accounting manager for Vocera. Previously, she worked in financial services at a hospital.

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