Rita Curry

946f2d29cb2a4babae6867d946208abaTitle: President, Chief Executive Officer

Company: Mr. Micro Computers

Location: Raceland, Ky.

Garnering 30 years of career experience, Rita Curry accredits her success in computer technology solutions to her dedication, passion and drive to stay on the cutting edge of technology. Three years into her role as president and chief executive officer for Mr. Micro Computers, she continues to provide her customers with expertise in research and development, service and sales, Internet service, and with other technical support areas. At her business, Ms. Curry oversees daily organizational operations, provides strategic leadership, and develops and implements effective company policies and procedures. It is her goal to continue to provide service, technology and solutions to her clientele, both in the tri-state area and through the use of the Internet.

Ms. Curry prepared for her thriving livelihood by earning a bachelor’s degree in electronics from Cleveland school of Technology and a bachelor’s degree in accounting from the University of Kentucky. In order to bring emerging technological advancements to the area without having to depend on mail orders, she and her husband established Mr. Micro Computers in 1986. Although the computer technology industry is continually shifting, her business has withstood the test of time and continues to provide customers with unsurpassed support services. In order to maintain connections with the professional world, Ms. Curry belongs to the CEO Success Network.

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