Lorena Zemlak

fefb2c17ab234effbf86b39d94ebd965Title: Owner

Company: Oh My Garden

Location: Lacombe, Alberta

Drawing upon her love of lawn and home décor and her landscaping experience, Lorena Zemlak continues to bring creativity and customer-focus to the home and garden industry as owner of Oh My Garden. Through Oh My Garden, Ms. Zemlak provides clients with distinctive and whimsical garden items along with specialty products such as fairy statues, baby toys, jewelry, Christmas ornaments and decorative items geared toward men. As the owner, she oversees cash flow, financial transactions, stock transactions and other administrative duties, bringing to the business creativity and enthusiasm.

Ms. Zemlak attributes her success to her passion for gardening decoration, innate eye for visually interesting décor and excellent customer-centric perspective. Drawing upon six years of ownership, she prides herself on stocking unique and different items and providing these products to the Alberta community as well as any customers exploring their recently-opened online store. Ms. Zemlak is also a finance manager at Heritage Chrysler, where she has spent 14 years working with paperwork, financing and insurance.

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