Cindy Austin

Cindy-Austin-140x150Title: 1) Certified L.E.A.N. Coach, 2) Sales Coordinator

Company: 1) C. Austin Consulting, 2) Juice Plus

Location: League City, Texas

Cindy Austin first heard of Juice Plus as a recommended nutrimental source when her daughter came down with mono. After taking the capsules, her daughter showed improvement and Ms. Austin made the decision to get involved in the field of nutrition and nutritional awareness. Determined to bring about positive change in the world, she is currently a Dr. Sears certified health coach at her company, C. Austin Consulting, a sales coordinator for Juice Plus and a director at the Bay Area chapter of the Public Speakers Association.

Inspired by her faith and her parents, who raised her with integrity and respect for others, Ms. Austin pursued her goals by earning a certification as a Sears Health L.E.A.N. Coach. She also prepared for her career by attending three years of college, along with participating in various trainings and workshops. Professionally, she feels her greatest strength is her ability to educate, communicate and empower others to make good health choices for themselves and their families. In the long term, Ms. Austin plans to continue providing others with Juice Plus knowledge, encouraging people of all ages to embrace the benefits of a healthier lifestyle.

Along with her work in the nutritional field, Ms. Austin works as the director of a public speaking program through which she helps people expand their professional selves. She also supports the well-being of others through volunteer work at her church. Family is important to her, and she considers her greatest accomplishment to be her daughter. When she isn’t working, Ms. Austin enjoys sailing, watching NASA launches and spending time with her family, including her daughter and grandchild.

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