Cheryl R. Layne

headshotTitle: Customer Success Champion

Company: Amber Road

Location: McKinney, Texas

Cheryl Layne attributes her success in global logistics to her perseverance and her dedication to putting customers first. Celebrating 15 years as customer success champion for Amber Road, she continues to ensure team functionality and treat others how she would want to be treated. Resolute in her goal to assist clients with her industrial knowledge, Ms. Layne uses her skills in international sourcing, customer communications and software implementation to benefit international trade.
While working at JCPenney for 10 years, Ms. Layne developed an interest in procurement management. Influenced by prior duties such as project and international vendor management, she earned a degree in American studies and business and completed coursework in international business. Ms. Layne feels that she has faced many challenges as a women in the male-dominated information technology and international logistics arenas, but it is her long-term plan to continue to grow in her field and involve herself in Amber Road’s transition to a larger public company.

Professionally, Miss. Layne feels that her greatest accomplishment has been sustaining herself for 15 years with a startup company and not crumbling with the boom of the Internet. She hopes to be remembered as a successful person who was able to build relationships, and her success was acknowledged when she was named woman of the year in information technology by the National Association of Professional Women, with whom she has a membership. In her spare time, Ms. Layne enjoys movies, theater and baseball.

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