Susan Whichard

d4d7917eaec9412baee583ec0727365eTitle: Executive Director of Industry Relations

Company: Phonak

Location: San Fransico, Calif.

Susan Whichard became involved in medical devices because of her brother, who has a hearing disability and inspired her to use her professional pursuits to make a difference. With an overall career spanning 33 years, Ms. Whichard currently celebrates four years as executive director of industry relations for Phonak, a company that provides hearing devices geared toward varying levels of ability. She manages company outreach at Phonak, drawing upon her field knowledge and familiarity with hearing aid development to provide clients with innovative solutions.

In pursuit of her career, Ms. Whichard earned a master’s degree in audiology from Radford University and a Bachelor of Science in communication disorders from East Tennessee State University. She went on to work for such companies as the Academy of Audiologists, Marketing ReSound Corporation and Marketing InSound Medical, in presidential and vice presidential positions. Ms. Whichad also spent 10 years in development and launched the world’s first extended wear hearing aid lyric. She attributes her success in the field to dedication, taking risks and having excellent professional mentors, and advises others to focus on what’s important in their occupational endeavors. In the future, Ms. Whichard hopes to continue in her field and make strides to help people with hearing loss. She keeps informed of relevant advancements through her memberships with the American Academy of Audiology, the Academy of Doctors of Audiology and the American Marketing Association.

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