Bonnie S. Titley

imported_member_thumbnail_46229-140x150Title: Administrator, Professor (Retired)

Company: Colorado State University

Location: Fort Collins, Colo.

In the 32 years Dr. Bonnie Titley spent as administrator and professor for Colorado State University, she influenced the lives of many students and helped them achieve their goals, focusing on them rather than politics. Her significant career in academia has taught her to be true to herself, and she encourages the younger generation of women to have similar confidence as well as a desire to learn. Inspired by a circle of friends she still learns from, Dr. Titley brought knowledge and organization to her educational position and hopes to be remembered for her caring nature and inspirational efforts.

Dr. Titley’s love of teaching motivated her to pursue a long-term career in the academic field. Passionate about knowledge, she earned an Ed.D from the University of North Colorado, following a master’s degree and a bachelor’s degree in English and literature from the University of Colorado Boulder. As a successful woman, Dr. Titley adheres to a philosophy of communication and mutual respect regarding her male peers: “I don’t care if you open a door for me,” she says, “but listen to what I say as I pass through.”

In the future, Dr. Titley hopes to continue traveling, learning from her experiences and enjoying her retirement. She devotes her time to various organizations, including the Global Village Museum, the Rotary Club, Character Fort Collins and the Joy Mission Church, where she is a trustee. Eager to help others, Dr. Titley supports charity work and currently sponsors two children in Ethiopia. She also enjoys needlework and mystery novels.

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