MaryAnne Garcia

AAEAAQAAAAAAAABNAAAAJDY3OWMyNWIyLTE2ODQtNDllYy1hNzQzLTNkZDBjMGUyMjhiMQ-140x150Title: Director of Talent Acquisition

Company: Insight

Location: Tempe, Az.

Ms. Garcia serves as the director of talent acquisition at Insight. Her team is responsible for finding talent across the U.S. and Canada. She leads a team of 22, comprised of some of the most outstanding men and women who Ms. Garcia has ever had the pleasure of working with. Ms. Garcia’s management style is one of transparency, and her goals revolve around keeping current on talent acquisitions strategies to enhance the recruitment and hiring process, and the future of Insights’ workforce.

Ms. Garcia was fortunate enough to have several mentors in her life, throughout college and her career, who have helped shape her into the leader and businesswoman she is today. She enjoys building meaningful connections with the talent community, partners, clients and customers alike. The primary focus of Ms. Garcia and her team is finding talent and enhancing Insight’s current workforce to help businesses run smarter through Intelligent Technology™. They do this through various talent acquisitions strategies, which include interviewing techniques that focus on hiring for not only competencies and experience, but also for values of hunger, heart and harmony. They pride themselves on having a high performance, and a winning culture that offers a work-hard-play-hard philosophy.

The biggest challenge Ms. Garcia has overcome was inequality in the workforce, and trying to keep as much transparency as possible. Her greatest strengths include building effective and powerful recruitment teams through hiring the right people, training them well, and creating a fun and energetic work environment. Ms. Garcia attributes her success to loving what she does, and embracing change and challenges.

“Each day brings new challenges,” Ms. Garcia says. “But every day ends with a sense of accomplishment with the global team we have. At Insight we have a unique way of working hard and enjoying it at the same time.”

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