Lisa Lotito-Byers


Company: Trabuco Hills High School

Location: Aleiso-Viejo, Calif.

Through her teaching position at Trabuco Hills High School, Lisa Lotito-Byers hopes to evoke student interest in the dynamics of history and social history. Teaching has been a life-long dream for Ms. Lotito-Byers, who grew up without mentors and developed an aspiration to fill that role in the lives of others. Determined to share her knowledge, she simultaneously provides her pupils with guidance and a thorough and socially-interesting history education.

Ms. Lotito-Byers prepared for an academic livelihood by earning a master’s degree in curriculum instruction, following a bachelor’s degree in history. Drawing on her strength in U.S. history, she fosters a love of learning in her high school students, and considers their success to be her greatest accomplishment. Unwavering in her goals to do what’s right and ceaselessly serve others, Ms. Lotito-Byers plans to continue growing as an educator and helping her students achieve academic greatness.

Encouraging others to evolve and take opportunities and risks, Ms. Lotito-Byers hopes to be remembered for her inspirational outlook. Due to her scholarly excellence, she was recognized as teacher of the year in 2015 and in 2014 by the Kiwanis Builders Family. Ms. Lotito-Byers is active in the Key Club and Kiwanis, and supports children’s developmental assistance through UNICEF and Children’s Plus. She enjoys reading in her spare time.

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