Tiffany Marie Ballard

bkgdTitle: Owner

Company: TM Jewelry, LLC

Location: Key West, Fla.

Since 2001, Purr Fit has been providing the world’s most comfortable toe ring – a full round ring that is custom fit to the toe – under the expert leadership and guidance of Tiffany Ballard. There, she does not believe anyone should wear or sell the infamous “pinchy” style of toe ring, the toe ring that almost no one can wear and unfortunately, the toe ring most people are familiar with. There, she provides the genuine, classy alternative, as all of their rings are full round, made only with precious metals and are perfectly comfortable. Ms. Ballard’s biggest challenge is getting over obstacles of people’s beliefs as to what she actually does. She is not competing with top-end jewelry companies, but she provides a niche product of the finest quality.

Ms. Ballard started her own company in February, 2011. She chose this career because she has a great knack for jewelry. She is always keeping up with the newest trends, and her jewelry is all original and unique. She has been self employed since she was 23 years old, now supporting her dream: The Purr Fit Toe Ring: “unlike any ring you’ve seen before. And since 2001, it has been our pleasure to bring it to you. Welcome to Purr Fit!” Ms. Ballard’s vision is to take my company nationwide and do dealerships.

Ms. Ballard wants to be remembered as the greatest jewelry designer in the world, as her unique creativity is radiant, and sales skills provides unmatched branding. Her inspiration comes from loving what she does. The masterpieces that she creates last forever and people can always admire them. During her free-time, Ms. Ballard enjoys scuba diving, swimming, treasure hunting and traveling.

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