Nana Serwah Baffoe-Bonnie

baffoe-bonnie-nanaTitle: Director of Nursing

Company: 360 Healthcare Staffing

Location: Holland, Penn.

Having already enjoyed a 30-year career in nursing services, Nana Serwah Baffoe-Bonnie now serves in her 12th year at 360 Healthcare Staffing, currently in the role as director of nursing. She would most like to be known for building a hospital and team. In addition, as a clinical nurse consultant, she will be able to promote her own business and build an offshore Ghana-based geriatric home care center. She will develop and train the existing staff and build the center to take care of an aging population. Her goal is to start a business of her own within the health care field. She is presently building a website, and will soon start planning the next steps.

The biggest challenge that Ms. Baffoe-Bonnie has overcome has been working with patients who have dementia and falsely accuse staff members of offenses. Her greatest strength is being able to accomplish any task, as well as her ability to lead teams. Her greatest accomplishment was changing my career to nursing and completing her nursing credentials in the USA. Ms. Baffoe-Bonnie is inspired by her independence and ability to operate in numerous clinical settings around the world. She prepared for her career by earning a nursing degree in the USA, as well as a certification in clinical nursing, consulting and physical therapy in Germany.

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