Penney Stap

penneyTitle: Office Manager

Company: Bob Hill Hotshot

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Perseverance is vital to Penney Stap. After being widowed twice, Ms. Stap has gone on to become Office Manager for Bob Hill Hotshot as well as work on a memoir concerning her experiences with loss. Bob Hill Hotshot is a Texas-based logistics and supply chain owned by her current husband, and its services are progressed by her office service management skills in addition to her assistance in completing lengthy delivery runs. Ms. Stap increases her varied experience in the job market through her top-notch sales work with Miche handbags and her ongoing academic endeavors.
When one of her previous husbands died, Ms. Stap was left with educational benefits that she is continually determined to utilize. Currently working towards a Bachelor of Business Administration, she has achieved an associate’s degree in medical billing and plans on ultimately earning a master’s degree. The deaths Ms. Stap has experienced in her personal life have prompted not only educational advancement, but constructive creativity: her book-in-progress, “Ghosts That Live Among Us,” discusses her belief in the perseverance of the soul, as well as the continued impact the deceased have on the living on a day-to-day basis.

Ms. Stap’s myriad pursuits support her intended legacy of unrelenting determination. Outside of her varied career aspirations, she is active within her church and sings with their praise team. She is the proud matriarch of a large family that extends to three children, four stepchildren, 17 grandchildren and nearly seven great-grandchildren. Invested in her professional goals, Ms. Stap hopes one day to live in a foreign country and continue her work as a freelance writer.

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