Luanne L. Whitmarsh

luanneTitle: Chief Executive Officer

Company: Kerby Centre

Location: Calgary, Alberta

Celebrating seven years as chief executive officer for Kerby Centre, Luanne Whitmarsh continues to enhance the lives of older adults through her expertise in partnership-development and informative instruction within the Alberta community. Ms. Whitmarsh is a certified professional consultant on aging and feels strongly about working with the current older demographic, stating that she feels she was “born a social worker.” Drawing upon her professional guidance, the Kerby Centre proudly offers active living programs and preventative services to the local population.

When Ms. Whitmarsh was brought into the Kirby Centre, it was as an agent of change. Using her finely-honed communication skills, she worked closely with staff in order to bring the organization’s policies and procedures up to date. Her problem-solving dexterity is significant, and she hopes to be remembered for taking steps to resolve issues for her staff and center members. In turn, she is inspired by the highly competent professional team she surrounds herself with and feels that their aptitude has contributed to her success. Ms. Whitmarsh advises others striving toward career goals to develop listening and communication skills and learn how to reach mutually amenable conclusions.

Passionate about charitable change, Ms. Whitmarsh regularly donates to various organizations, including Kirby Centre, Rotary International, various cancer organizations, various disability organizations and the food bank. She keeps abreast of new developments in community service and professional aging consultation through her participation with the Canadian Association of Retired Persons, the International Council on Active Aging and Rotary International. Ms. Whitmarsh plans to one day improve the effectiveness of the Kerby Cetre by moving it to a newly-built facility. In her free time, she enjoys traveling to Mexico and visiting friends in the U.S.

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