Mary Ann Ruth

1552586Title: Senior Coach, Consultant

Company: An Encouraging Word Live!

Location: Charlotte, N.C.

As a senior coach and consultant for An Encouraging Word Live!, Mary Ann Ruth inspires countless clients to tap into their inner leadership potential. Ms. Ruth facilitates problem-solving, amplifies client productivity, and encourages emotional and spiritual development through An Encouraging Word Live!, which is a North Carolina proprietorship that provides spiritual and career coaching services. Her notable success can be attributed to her intelligence, managerial skills, and ability to think strategically while inspiring others to do the same.

Ms. Ruth’s passion for motivational speaking is clear through her past experience as keynote speaker for the National Speakers Association. Garnering an overall career span of 40 years, she has previously worked as a White House liaison through the National Association of Commissions for Women, as well as the U.S. Department of Treasury and IRS. Interested in motivational coaching from the age of 18, Ms. Ruth went on to achieve a master’s degree in human resources from American University in 1985, preparing herself for a rewarding livelihood in her chosen field.

For seven years, Ms. Ruth has devoted her time to improving the lives of more than two million people with her success strategies and coaching sessions. She also seeks to improve the lives of others through her support in various homeless shelters and local churches. Ms. Ruth’s long-term goal is to continue helping others meet their greatest potential and “develop their souls beyond their imagining.”

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