C. Alexandra Joseff

eed98689dfd84ec69cd591052396c4cbTitle: Chief Executive Officer

Company: CGX Pro Med Corporation

Location: Commerce Township, Mich.

Initially, Dr. C. Alexandra Joseff saw a need for a professional line of care products after her son-in-law was diagnosed with cancer, and thereafter contracted a drug-resistant strain of staphylococcus aureus and passed away. This tragedy stirred Dr. Joesff to discover the impact drug-resistant infections have on countless lives on a yearly basis. Though her success as chief executive officer for CGX Pro Med Corporation can be attributed to her good work ethic and tenacity, it is her personal passion for improving the availability of professional and safe-care products that makes her work stand out. Garnering 25 years of experience in areas such as therapeutic research and marketing, Dr. Joseff currently develops and provides eco-friendly product lines tailored to contemporary needs in industrial, consumer, employee, patient and personal care.

Dr. Joseff’s fortitude and hard work led her to earn a Ph.D in psychology from Delphi University and a Doctor of Science in metaphysics. Since graduating and establishing herself within the medical production industry, she is now determined to develop an sustainable, pathogen-reducing cleaning solution. This led her to found the CGX Pro Med Corporation in 2014, through which she markets ecological cleaners and degreasers, skin care products, and her CGX Probiotic Cleaning Hygiene System, a line of products scientifically documented to decrease pathogens. Her benevolent nature exerts itself in her support of charities such as Red Head Group, Cook for Cancer, and Clean for Handicapped. Moving forward, Dr. Joseff plans to continue making strides in infection control and problem-solving.

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