Mary Fuller

39-113x150Title: Certified Public Accountant, Managing Partner

Company: Shepard, Schwartz & Harris LLP

Location: Chicago, Ill.

As a self aware, dedicated leader, Mary Fuller continues as managing partner of Shepard Schwartz & Harris LLP. Through Shepard Schwartz & Harris LLP, she provides the accounting firm with outstanding mathematics skills, having worked from the bottom to the top of the company. Ms. Fuller is known for holding people together as a trustworthy and ethical team leader.

Being in a male dominated field, Mary Fuller is able to continue a solid base of industry knowledge, building teams and building personnel. She has become more aware of herself and abilities to lead while growing as a partner within a vastly expanding firm. Ms. Fuller attributes her success to playing the political game in the industry and receiving support from her two daughter, balancing her career between her professional and personal lives.

Ms. Fuller is the president of CREW Chicago. She also holds memberships with CPA and  ICPA Societies. During her free-time, she supports the Girls Scouts USA. Ms. Fuller also enjoys going to Lake Wisconsin, receiving manicures, going on walks and  spending time with her family.

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