Christina Thompson

539276e8bf694b8f98ec772189bddde0Title: Medical Doctor

Company: Veterans Affairs-Ocala Community Outpatient Clinic

Location: Ocala, Fla.

Celebrating 13 years as a medical doctor, Christina Thompson continues to practice family and primary care at Veterans Affairs-Ocala Community Outpatient Clinic. At the government outpatient clinic for veterans, she helps provide extensive health care services to those in need in and around the Ocala, Fla. area. The most gratifying aspect of Dr. Thompson’s career is seeing her patients satisfaction.

Throughout her work-week, Dr. Thompson diagnoses and treats patience successfully through her patience and diligences. She initially became involved in her profession because she had always wanted to care for patients. Dr. Thompson received a MD at St. Georges University.

Dr. Thompson received the Veterans Affairs Service Award. Since graduation, she has kept abreast of changes through her memberships with the American Association of Family Physicians and American Medical Association. Professionally, Dr. Thompson has earned the Academic Award at the Florida Hospital and the Berwind Scholar Award.

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