Karen Morris

210d7986ecd8489b850bd9535aabab4dTitle: Board of Directors Volunteer

Company: General Federation of Women’s Clubs

Location: Washington, D.C.

Beholding 55 years of nonprofit social services expertise in fundraising, Mrs. Karen Morris continues in her 14th year as a volunteer on the board of directors at General Federation of Women’s Clubs. There, she helps provide community services, including support of the arts, preservation of natural resources, advancement of education, promotion of healthy lifestyles, and encouragement of civic involvement. Attributing her success to hard work, Mrs. Morris became involved in her profession because of her desire to help others.

Mrs. Morris has served as the chairwoman of the Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Central Committee since 1999. In October of 2013, she received the Jennie June Award for New York State. Only one woman from each state is chosen for the award. In five years, Mrs. Morris hopes to experience professional growth.

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