Tracy Ann Campbell

2015-08-10-at-16-25-04-140x150Title: Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Company: Cynosure Risk Advisors LLC

Location: Chicago, Ill.

Tracy A. Campbell is a distinguished lawyer and counselor with unrivaled experience guiding corporations through complex insurance coverage issues and providing risk management solutions. Her nearly 16 years of practice include successful negotiations and settlements in executive liability, professional liability, commercial general liability, construction defects, property/business interruption, product recall, and title insurance. As partner and lead insurance attorney at Schiff Hardin LLP for six years, she represented companies of every size, including several of the nation’s largest. She identified risk exposures and counseled clients on changes to their risk management programs and insurance policies. She negotiated with insurance companies to recover insurance proceeds for her clients, and she represented corporate clients in insurance coverage litigation. Among other positive outcomes, she negotiated a multi-million dollar settlement of an environmental coverage claim and achieved a favorable determination in a case of competing claims for a policyholder’s assets. A Chicago native, Tracy is frequently called upon to deliver speeches and presentations on risk and insurance liability issues for organizations across the United States.

Personally as a major of political science at Yale University, Tracy’s goal as chairperson of a national non-profit organization is to bring more diversity of students to higher education. Professionally she looks forward to advancing herself professionally in consultancy, politically and any other way that she can contribute and make a difference. The one aspect of her profession that she would like to change is the lack of diversity. She would like to see more diverse partners and she would like to see more individuals put their capital on the line to enable new interns to have the opportunity to progress in their professional careers. Tracy’s greatest accomplishment was being promoted to partner at Schiff Hardin LLP of Chicago. She was the first Afro-American female to be promoted to partner at one of the largest and oldest law firms in Chicago, in over 100 years, and one of the most prestigious in the country.

Tracy’s greatest inspiration was her mom, a single mother who gave up everything for her  and a women who literally worked herself into her grave. She was a woman who faced all of her challenges with grace and humility, and regardless of the difficulty entailed she never gave up. Her mother grew up in Jimsaw Arkansas, in the thirties and in the sixties she fled from the south and went to Chicago, leaving behind friends and family in order to pursue a better life. She refused public assistance, worked two full-time low-income jobs, her entire childhood, and yet they still remained very poor. She refused public assistance and made sure that Tracy was brought up in a working class area. And although, she only had a 6th grade education, she knew that Tracy was gifted and knew that she had to ensure that she received a proper education.  She knew that education was the key to breaking the cycle of poverty. Eventually, when Tracy had the idea of attending an Ivy League school she told her mother that one of the teacher’s at school had told her, “People like you don’t go to Ivy League schools”, her mother responded, “Why not you?” In addition to her mother being a huge inspiration to her, some of Tracy’s teachers also motivated and inspired her.

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