Sandra Farmer

ADEQTitle: Environmental Enforcement Analyst

Company: Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality

Location: Memphis, Tenn.

As an environmental enforcement analyst for the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality, Sandra Farmer originally chose this career path because she has been drawn to environmental issues since high school and wanted to protect the Earth’s resources. As she prepared for this career through continuing education, today, she still draws from her classes whilst receiving a bachelor’s degree in biology and chemistry, including a master’s degree in environmental sciences. With strengths in people interaction, education, and understanding regulations, Ms. Farmer continues her professional goal is to be able to go further in the industry, and to be a voice that is the liaison between government and EPA.

Since beginning in her industry, Ms. Farmer has broken down the glass ceiling that separated her initially in the male-dominated industry, as she is now trying to develop better relationships with environmental groups and improve this aspect of the industry, as well. Her greatest accomplishment to date is working as a manager in the environmental field and working with governmental agencies and regulatory bodies. Ms. Farmer most wants to be remembered be able to explain issues so people can understand.

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